Road transport

de Vreese Logistic is a well established name in European road transport. Here, our main speciality is groupage and partial batches. All transport is handled by experienced drivers who use the company's own trucks. Our dynamic structure enables us to deal very flexibly with clients' demands. Decisions need not be approved by several levels of management at our company before we are able to help you with your questions.

The following trumps ensure that we can guarantee high-quality service:

  • Prompt delivery times across the entire Europe
  • Large fleet consisting of various types of trucks
  • Partners who guarantee quality at all times
  • Lorries equipped with ADR and drivers trained to handle ADR.
  • Highly dynamic and motivated team of greatly experienced planners
  • Excellent software system that can make life easier for clients.
  • Can be reached 24/7


We can offer the following options for road transport:

  • Tautliners (roof load and curtain-sided trailers)
  • Mega trailers (additional initial height)
  • Box trailers (textile, valuable goods, etc.)
  • Frigo trailers (cooling and deep-frozen trailers)
  • Walking floor (bulk goods)
  • Container chassis (20ft, 40ft and 45ft)
  • Distribution trucks with tailboard (12 tonnes and 18 tonnes)
  • City trailers with tailboard


These enable us to take care of all your container transport from and to the port, for all refrigerated or deep frozen goods and for any goods that can be transported by walking floor.